Fuel refunds made easy!

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Wealleans Allied Petroleum have teamed up with Catalyst Fuel Refunds to make getting your petrol tax back as simple possible.

Are You Claiming your Petrol Refund?

The team at Wealleans Allied Petroleum are keen to add value to your business!

When operating petrol vehicles and machinery off-road within your business, you are eligible for a fuel refund of $0.66 per litre. Your first claim can include the past two years’ worth of petrol usage, with the average first claim being around $3,000. You will then receive ongoing quarterly payments to drive your business forward.

Catalyst Fuel Refunds is a company that has been working closely with us to offer you a hassle-free system for claiming back your PETROL refund. Catalyst makes the complex job of completing fuel refund applications easy, ensuring you are making all claims on time and in full.  Once you have registered with them, they will take care of the rest.

Registration is free, and they run a no refund, no fee policy.
Their commission is only 15% of your refund amount.

How to Register

In the interests of making this process as painless as possible, please email your Wealleans Allied Petroleum customer number and phone number to  support@fuelrefunds.co.nz. Catalyst will then give you a call to begin the registration process. If you don’t have email, please give Catalyst a call on 0800 47 37 27 or visit  www.fuelrefunds.co.nz to complete your registration. Easy as that!

Once the paperwork is signed and returned, you will be on your way to a stress-free petrol refund. To make it even easier on you, Wealleans Allied Petroleum will supply Catalyst with all of your petrol purchase information so that you don’t have to worry about digging up old records, invoices and receipts.

We look forward to supporting you to work with Catalyst so that you can benefit from petrol refunds and more money in your back pocket.