Fuel supply partners to agriculture and industry since 1967

At Wealleans Allied Petroleum Ltd we provide the vital fuel and lubricants necessary to keep agriculture and industry working smoothly.

We have been in the bulk fuel delivery business since 1967 and are proud to have been a full time Mobil Industrial and Wholesale Distributor since 1992.

We appreciate the complexities of rural businesses and understand the importance in having supply partners who understand and care about the success of your business.

Our partnerships are built on respect, loyalty, service and the ability to change to meet your changing business needs.

From our depot in Mt Maunganui we not only achieve the efficient delivery of your fuel, but also have the ability to help manage your future fuel and lubricant requirements.

Our team of sales representatives are always available to discuss fuel and lubricant needs and provide advice on your storage solutions and on fuel safety compliance.

“A strong understanding of customer's requirements, coupled with an experienced distribution team and a modern tanker fleet, means Wealleans Allied Petroleum Ltd service a growing number of farmers, transport operators and rural contractors in its distribution area.”

Shane Wealleans, Wealleans Allied Petroleum Ltd Director