New Equipment For Wealleans Bay Of Plenty

  •  Groundspreading

Wealleans Bay of Plenty Ltd’s on-going investment in equipment has increased the company’s ability to provide the most efficient application of product in their region.

Wealleans Bay of Plenty Automat Trailer

This three axle Automat trailer was recently completed by the team at Wealleans Engineering and Mechanical Ltd for Pukehina based spreading operation, Wealleans Bay of Plenty Ltd.

Having the new trailer as part of the Wealleans Bay of Plenty fleet means any truck towing the trailer is essentially able to double the efficiency of the unit says Wealleans Bay of Plenty General Manager, Dean Saunders.

“Basically it means we are able to get more product spread in the day as the spreading unit can spend more time in the paddock and less time waiting to load at the bulk store.”

Wealleans Bay of Plenty General Manager, Dean Saunders.

The 17 tonne triple axle Automat trailer is capable of hauling loads up to 16 tonne and when coupled with the spreading vehicle towing it, can provide a total payload of up to 20 tonnes of product.