Introducing Wealleans Foliar Solutions

  •  Groundspreading

Increasing demand from our customers to assist in lowering Nitrogen use and gaining efficiencies from their N applications has led Team Wealleans to add liquid and suspension product applications to our service portfolio.

The investment in two versatile ‘tow and fert’ liquid foliar sprayers now allows us to offer application services for fine particle fertilizers, liquid N and dissolved N products, Gibberellic Acid, bio fertilisers, soil conditioners, and animal health products.

With the topical N Cap regulations impacting applications of standard urea, popular Foliar alternatives including our N BOOST solution applied at 15 litres/ha (4 units of N), is the equivalent of applying 88kg/ha of urea (40 units of N). The Foliar efficiency is aiding response rates and the ability to incorporate Gibberellic Acid, and humates in the same pass is typical of applications to date.

As we move further into spring, we are excited to add animal health products to these applications and the prospect of over sowing turnips or brassicas

Contact Dan Alderman if you would like to discuss your foliar application requirements.
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