Team Wealleans have dedicated spreading operations strategically located in geographical regions to support the service requirements of local farming industry

Each Groundspreading Operation is individually managed with local operators working, living and contributing to the farming communities they support. As a member of Team Wealleans each operation has the support, the scale and the capacity to provide the complete groundspreading service.

Groundspread products

Urea / High Analysis Fertilisers

The calibration of our equipment is designed to apply nitrogen fertilisers at application rates starting from 50kg/ha. To support your farming system, tonnages ranging from a single tonne can be applied per application.

We also appreciate that timing is often critical with nitrogen application and will strive to provide efficient service within a three day window. To aid efficiency our equipment is calibrated and certified to apply Nitrogen fertilisers at bout widths out to 25 meters.


Lime has become an important product in modern farming systems. Our equipment is designed to apply lime in varying quantities on pastures, crops and cultivated land.

Standard liming rates of 1250kg/ha & 2500kg/ha can easily be achieved, with our equipment also able to handle rates up to 5000kg/ha with a single pass.  Large tonnages applied from an on farm stock pile regularly allow 100 tonne per hour to be applied, reducing disruption to daily farming activities.

Standard Fertilisers & Blends

Standard superphosphate fertilisers and blends form a large part of our annual applied tonnage. With application rates varying from 100kg/ha – 1000kg/ha, our equipment has the capabilities to apply products in accordance with you farming nutrient requirements.

Composts & Organic Materials

Products with high bulk density such as composts and chicken and calf shed litter are easily applied by our versatile equipment. To aid efficiency when applying high density products, our equipment is fitted with ‘hungry side’ bin extensions that allow maximum payloads to be transported on or off the farm.

A wash down protocol also supports the organic husbandry requirements when required.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is an integral part of all work conducted in our business. Our customers also have a primary duty of care to ensure safety on their properties. As part of our Health and Safety policy, we have a detailed pre-spreading JSA (Job Safety Assessment) before commencing applications on our customer’s property. With the assessment, we ensure that our operators are inducted onto our customer’s property and have sufficient information to ensure their safety.

Biosecurity Protocol

Team Wealleans has implemented a risk prevention system that delivers the best protection to limit the risk of transferring contaminants between individual farm cells.

biosecurity protocol


Communication will be provided on the pending arrival of vehicles on a site. We will record the date, time and journey and communicate this to ensure we meet individual farm protocols.


We will ensure that when a vehicle is presented at an individual farm cell, it is presented to a clean standard free from farming contaminants. And, if they exist, we can work with additional wash down and/or sanitation protocols.

At the conclusion of the visit, the site must provide a facility that enables all farming contaminants and foreign material to be washed by a high-pressure hose from the vehicle.


Containment of all foreign material and farming contaminants on the individual farm cell is imperative. These include animal manure, soil and plant material, and fertiliser residues.

Team Wealleans endeavours to support our customers in the containment of contaminants to individual farming cells. Our Biosecurity protocol provides a ‘minimum standard’ for the containment of risk associated with farming contaminants. To succeed, farming entities are responsible for supporting this protocol as a ‘minimum standard’.

Groundspreading Equipment

We operate a fleet of specialised groundspreading vehicles with its purpose built 4×4 units ideally suited to handling the local terrain.

Mini Spreaders

2×4 vehicles suited to sowing new grass seed, horse studs and anywhere access can be tight, parks and reserves, asparagus applications, sports fields and even golf courses are well serviced by these vehicles.

Capacity: Up to 4 tonne.

mini spreader

4×4 Spreaders

Versatile, efficient and easy on the land and operator, these vehicles are equally at home on flat to rolling or undulating hill country.

Capacity: Up to 5 tonne.

4x4 spreader

6×4 Spreaders

Specialty: Large blocks and stations or cultivated and cropping land where large tonnages need to be applied quickly, either directly carted or reloaded from an on-farm stock pile.

Capacity: Up to 7 tonne.

6x6 spreader

Organic Spreaders

High cubic capacity bins allow maximum tonnage of high density products including chicken manure, calf shed litter and organic composts.

Capacity: Up to 4 tonne.

Organic Spreaders

Truck & Loader

Loaders with transport trailers provide the ability for our operators to work from an on-farm stock pile, this reduces the time spent reloading and increases the speed and efficiency of the whole process.

Capacity: From 30 tonne of fertiliser or from 60 tonne of lime.

truck and loader

Truck & Trailer

Our trailers are designed to transfer product directly into the groundspreading vehicle so the only time fertiliser touches the ground is when it is applied to the pasture.

Capacity: Up to 10 tonne.

truck trailer spreader

Orchard Mini Spreaders

Specifically designed for the horticulture industry, low line width and height ideal for all growing systems, wide chain fed spinners allow efficient spreading of high density products including chicken manure and organic composts.

Capacity: Up to 2 tonne.

Orchard Mini Spreaders Specifically designed for the horticulture industry, low line width and height ideal for all growing systems, wide chain fed spinners allow efficient spreading of high density products including chicken manure and organic composts. Capacity: Up to 2 tonne. <hr class="divider-hr"> Orchard Mini Spreaders

Groundspread Application Systems

Versatile Application Systems Adaptable for any Situation.

Twin Spinner

The economical twin spinner application system provides a more accurate spread and larger capacity than a single spinner and is ideally suited to granular and powder fertiliser types. This application system is designed for spreading large quantities of fertilizer over a wide area, with the minimum number of passes.

twin spinner

Split Chain Turbo Blower

The split chain turbo blower application system is specially designed to combat terrains where access is difficult. This application system provides the ability to dispense product from one side of the hopper and is ideal for covering slopes and hillsides where it is impractical or potentially dangerous to drive spreading vehicles.

Split Chain Turbo Blower

Dispatch Systems

We utilise a variety of industry specific systems to ensure our dispatch staff have all the information needed to make your application a smooth and successful one.

  • Our ERoad vehicle tracking system provides us with the ability to see the exact location of all our vehicles, meaning we are better able to coordinate the right vehicle to the right job and is an essential safety feature supporting the safety of our operators.
  • The Job Plus application booking system provides benefits for everyone by providing a clear plan for where and when each application will occur.

To achieve the simplest, stress free applications we urge all customers to pre-book their application which enables us organise product, equipment and operators in the most efficient way possible.

"The adoption of industry leading technology ensures that our Groundspread Operations keeps performing at their peak."

Groundspread Technology

The adoption of industry leading technology ensures our groundspread operations perform at its peak.

Whitehead V3

The V3 Spreader Control System is an industry leading control system for spreading applications. It enables our operators to concentrate on pointing their machine in the right direction, while the V3 does the rest.

The system continuously adjusts the fertiliser feed to maintain the correct application for the current conditions. If, for any reason, anything is off target, the V3 will warn the operator with an audible alarm or shut the system down, if needed

This enables our operators to keep their attention on the task ahead, rather than worrying if anything has gone wrong.

GPS Guidance

The adoption of GPS Guidance Systems has enabled us to increase our spreading efficiencies and create savings for our customers.

GPS Guidance assisted applications provide a means to apply fertilisers exactly where the customer wants it by recording each pass and guiding the driver to minimise overlaps and skips.

Actions and product placement are recorded while the application is occurring, allowing our operators to resume unfinished jobs while maintaining accurate bout widths.

The system also allows the display of essential information on the purpose built screen in our operator’s vehicles, meaning our drivers are provided with the important information for the successful completion of each job.

The information captured during each application is then able to be combined to create a report for the customer detailing what has happened, where and when.

Quality Assurance

All of our Groundspreading equipment is tested to the highest of industry standards.
To maintain our reputation for excellence all our equipment is extensively and rigorously tested on a regular basis.

All our vehicles are tested to Spreadmark standards and consistently perform at levels above industry standard. This is achieved by testing each vehicle’s spreading capabilities across a series of trays to ensure our applications are as accurate as possible. Product is collected in the trays and then measured and weighed to evaluate the vehicles performance.