Summer Spreading Discount

  •  Groundspreading

$5 per tonne off every bulk load of Graymont Aglime supplied, cart and spread by Team Wealleans *

5 Reasons to get your lime on before autumn

  1. Aglime reacts rapidly, with over 50% of its effect within the first 3 months. So summer liming helps prepare your soil for autumn applied fertiliser.
  2. Well limed soil enables pasture to access a greater range of nutrients, ensuring that fertiliser applications are fully utilised.
  3. Soil pH levels tend to fall by one to two points between spring and autumn which can affect pasture production. You can avoid this dip by applying Aglime.
  4. Late spring/early summer Aglime applications have more chance of seasonal rain to enhance growth and utilisation.
  5. Clover loves lime. It fixes N, is more palatable and has a higher energy content than ryegrasses, so don’t make it wait!

Terms and conditions apply

The promotion is for Graymont Aglime, supplied, cart and spread by Team Wealleans during January, February, and March 2024. Minimum order of 30 tonnes bulk carted ex Te Kuiti quarry and bulk delivered onto farm applies. Product must be groundspread before 1st April 2024.