Vital Support For Rural Schools

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Staying involved in the communities that it serves, after the fertiliser has been spread, is an important part of Team Wealleans view of doing business.

As a proudly family owned and operated company, N.T. Wealleans Ltd is highly aware of the difference their support makes to a range of community groups and clubs.

Among those to benefit this year is Manawaru Primary School which received support from Team Wealleans for its annual calf club event.

Manawaru Primary School Principal, Rosemary Hendrikse, says Wealleans support is greatly appreciated by the school community.

“The support we get from Wealleans means everything when it comes to these kinds of activities, there are so many things the school needs money for and so few places to go to for that help, the school and the community are just so grateful to the team at Wealleans.”

Manawaru Primary School Principal, Rosemary Hendrikse