Groundspread Ltd

Groundspread Ltd provides a dedicated nutrient application service to Waipa, Waitomo and King Country districts and northern and western areas of the Waikato region.

Groundspreading solutions with a service based focus

Groundspread Ltd’s ability to provide the complete service means we are able to handle every aspect of your spreading needs; from the sourcing and supply of a wide variety of products, to the efficient cartage and precise application of those products.

With a fleet of specialized groundspreading vehicles operating from the Otorohanga. Groundspread Ltd’s overall goal is to combine top quality equipment with highly skilled and experienced operators to achieve a service for the customer that is second to none.


Building the experience and skill levels of staff is of utmost importance. The safety and on-going development of all staff is a key priority; whether that is our operations staff or equipment operators.

Our dedication to providing pathways for professional development includes management seminars, comprehensive Health and Safety induction and training, Industry Qualifications and Driver Mentor Programmes for new drivers.

“The Groundspread Limited customers are important to us and having the scale of Team Wealleans means that we are able to meet service demands within our own team and calling on other operators during peak periods as required.”

Dan Alderman, Groundspread Ltd Transport and Operations