Product Supply

Deal Direct: Receive one bill for a total on ground application covering product, cartage and application.

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Graymont’s limestone products

Call us ‘direct’ to source the full range of Graymont’s limestone products; including AgLime, AeroLime and Race Fines. Graymont’s AgLime is consistently returning CaCo3 levels well into the 90% bracket and as Graymont’s Lime’s largest AgLime customer we know we are dealing with the best.

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Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Ballance Agri-Nutrients is one of New Zealand’s leading fertiliser specialists. We can offer you the full range of Ballance fertiliser products ‘direct’ including traditional superphosphate products and blends and also key products including pasturemag, pasturezeal, SustainN and of course n-rich Urea. ‘Dealing direct’ with Team Wealleans still allows shareholders to qualify for the Ballance rebate scheme.

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‘Deal direct’ with us to source the popular FertCo range of Dicalcic Phosphate fertilisers including DiCal and DiCal8. Utilising our local storage facilities’ means Team Wealleans are your local source of FertCo DiCal fertilisers and blends. Talk to us about Humate, nature’s own super compost, also available from FertCo ‘direct’ through Team Wealleans.


Chicken Litter

Chicken Litter, a mix of chicken manure and sawdust, is a quick acting natural fertiliser that continues working with sustained releases of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the soil.  Let us source and supply your Chicken Litter requirements ‘direct’.



Dealing ‘direct’ with us enables you to capitalise on our strong working relationship with Daltons, this close relationship provides unparalleled access to Daltons’ wide range of composts. The combination of Daltons’ premium products and our outstanding spreading service ensures satisfaction time after time.