Wealleans Horticulture Ltd

Operating from Pukehina, Wealleans Horticulture Ltd provides a dedicated horticultural spreading service to the Bay of Plenty region.

Growing your business & produce together

Wealleans have proud ground roots and a family history as orchardists. We offer a specialised understanding of our customers’ business needs. We are the people that can and will make a significant difference to your growth, not only in yield, but also turnover.

Our BioGro accreditation and adherence to strict PSA Control Regulations are a guarantee that the highest standards of operation are met every step of the way.

Orchard Mini Spreaders

Specifically designed for the horticulture industry, low line width and height ideal for all growing systems, wide chain fed spinners allow efficient broadcast spreading of high density products including chicken manure and organic composts. We are also equipped with Compost Banders to apply nutrients directly to the base of your vines.

Orchard Mini Spreader

Quality Assurance

Our certifications are proof the highest of industry standards are continuously upheld.

globalgap certification

GLOBALG.A.P. Certification

GLOBALG.A.P. is a business-to-business standard for safe and sustainable food production.

"With our modern equipment, technology and systems we believe we are the number one option in the Bay of Plenty. Customer service is paramount and that is our main focus, keeping our customers happy is something we really strive
for and I think we do a great job in achieving that.”

Shane Wealleans, Director

Meet Murray & the team

Murray Belfield was welcomed into the leadership team at Wealleans Bay of Plenty General Manager in 2018. Since his involvement, Murray and his team have been a key asset for the current growth of our horticulture sector. Murray has spent the last period quietly working hard establishing good systems, constructing and training a quality team of professionals, rebuilding reliable gear and infrastructure, and most importantly offering a dedicated service to suit the specific needs of any orchard.

“My goal is to deliver quality service supported by strong planning and communication. My team obtain a dedicated knowledge and drive for the horticulture sector – which I share. We have worked hard to acquire quality gear and have systems in place to ensure  our clients expectations are met or exceeded.”