Daltons and Team Wealleans – Delivering Quality Product, Time After Time

  •  Groundspreading

The close working relationship between Daltons and Team Wealleans means we are able to source and supply a range of top quality composts and organic materials for a variety of uses.

The range of products we are able to source includes; bulk mixes, custom blends, specialty fertilisers, BioGro certified composts and standard composts.



These products are backed by Daltons’ Quality Assurance Programme giving documented accountability and¬†traceability throughout the process.

Team Wealleans are able to achieve outstanding efficiencies of application for high density products thanks to bin extensions allowing maximum payloads to be handled.

Let us source your composts and organic materials as part of our complete spreading service.

Consistent ingredients, consistent analysis, consistent delivery, consistent results;  brought to you by Team Wealleans and Daltons.

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