TracLink Technology Impresses

  •  Groundspreading

Wealleans TracLink Proof of Placement technology is quickly proving its value to customers and to the company alike.

080313_ft_GWThe TracLink technology played a crucial role in a spreading job undertaken by Wealleans Groundspread Ltd where application rates ranged from 500kg/ha up to 9 tonne/ha.

The job saw 600 tonnes of lime applied to Walton based customer Grant Wills’ 244 hectare dairy farm at ten different rates with the goal of achieving a pH level of 6 across the whole farm.

The utilisation of the TracLink technology meant that four Wealleans Groundspread operators were able to work closely together while minimising any complications arising from the variable rate of application.

The TracLink system provided the ability for accurate farm maps to be sent remotely to each truck, detailing and recording exactly where the product was to be spread and at what rate it was required.

Having observed the technology in use on his own farm, Mr Wills says he can see a range of benefits that TracLink will provide.

“I’m looking forward to using TracLink for all our fertiliser applications in the future as it provides me with the ability to order product and monitor applications while I am away from the farm and it creates a permanent historical record of applications which can become part of our nutrient management plan.”

Walton dairy farmer, Grant Wills.

Mr Wills sees the benefits of the technology to Wealleans being the ability to achieve greater accuracy, efficiency and accountability as well providing drivers security in the knowledge they are working in the right paddocks.

The job took two days to complete with Wealleans Groundspread Ltd providing a complete service, where the spreader operators worked from an on farm dump site and the delivery of product was coordinated by Wealleans Bulk Transport.

Mr Wills says he is pleased with how the job was completed with the minimum of disruption to staff and stock on the farm.

“I thought those couple of days went well as we didn’t really have to do anything, Wealleans did all the coordinating and it seemed pretty seamless at my end.”

Walton dairy farmer, Grant Wills.